And so it begins, 

Today I am finally embarking on something that has been a hope for quite some time. Turning my woodworking hobby into something a little more than just that, and seeing where this road takes me. Today marks my first step in publicly showing what my hobby has become, is unfolding into and the documentation along the way. As I continue with this site and these journals/blogs/posts/whatever they are I'll be leaving all types of ramblings on here. Things to be excited about, things I'm learning, mistakes I'm making and triumphs I'm conquering, this will serve as my own personal diary of a woodworking journey. 

Projects on my bench today include:

  • a 6 string bass neck prototype for my own Spector
    • This is an idea I've been contemplating for some time now and have finally glued up a 9 piece birds eye maple/walnut neck blank to create it with. The first step today is to draw out the initial layout of the contours on the back of the neck as it has already been cut to the proper taper. My plan is to begin roughing out these contour ideas and gradually reduce the thickness of the neck until it is at the final thickness that I have deemed most ergonomic for my playing style.
  • a 5 string neck through bass
    • Thus far this neck  blank has been glued and squared. Today's work saw the channels for the truss rod and graphite stabilizers routed in the neck blank with the graphite stabilizers being glued into place. While those dry into place the Honduran Rosewood fretboard is prepped for slotting the 34" scale frets 
  • turned wooden coffee scoop
    • 've made a few of these and plan to turn many more with lots of different wood combinations. This one is flamed maple and walnut
      I may be a little over excited on this, but its been a while coming. Guitar shapes don't cut themselves you know.